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Legal Disclaimer

Legal Disclaimer

  • Registration on the website of is entirely voluntary and we do not charge users any fee for it.

  • Every user or guest irrespective he/she is a brokers, mediators, builders, venture owner, or anyone else is informed that the registration is not by force.

  • Anyone interested in Buying, Selling, Renting or Leasing Properties should follow due assiduousness prior to entering any business deal.

  • Proper verification of Documents and Legal Opinion is Compulsory.

  • Providing a Paper Notice designed by a Legal Practitioner or Lawyer is above all recommended.

  • For reference and gathering more information, browse Web Land Records, Meebhumi, CRDA, IGRS and websites of other regulatory authorities.

  • By using the website, a user agrees that the eliminations and limitations of responsibilities mentioned in this website’s disclaimer are practical.

  • If a user does not think the declaimer is reasonable, he/ she must NOT use this website.

  • offers no warranties

  • This website is as is and without any representations or assurances, expressed or implied.

  • makes no representations or warranties regarding this website or the data and materials shared on it.

  • Without bias to the generalization of the disclaimer, Andhra Property does not warrant:

    • The website will be available constantly, or be available at all

    • The information shared on the website by users or anyone else is whole, true, precise or non-misleading.