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About Us is a thriving online portal for buying, selling, leasing, and renting a variety of properties in Andhra Pradesh. It is a venture of Andhra Realty Management Services (ARMS), which is owned by a group of dynamic professionals with years of experiences in domains such as Real Estate, Quarry Business, Finance, Accounting, Taxation, Data Integration, Banking, Insurance, Real Estate Consultancy, and Real Estate Training. Owing to the assistance of these professionals, the portal is witnessing meteoric rise.  It has the bunch of satisfied clients who could sell their properties with the help of Andhra Realty Management Servcies.


Why Prefer

We recognize the huge base of Real Estate Investors in all the Mandals in the 13 districts of the state. In addition, we identify their needs or problems related to obtaining a property. They are mentioned as follows:

  • They are based somewhere far from their native dwelling for reasons such as Business or Job, Brief Holiday, Permanent Settlement etc.

  • They are desirous of acquiring real estate assets for their children and personal future requirements.

  • They usually depend on their relatives (if anybody is available in the place) for purchasing property in the region.

  • They are not familiar with other options besides their relatives that can help truly and actively search for properties as per their specific requirements. thus, they think they cannot acquire one.

  • They do not own or have a mechanism or system to learn about progresses in their area or village.

  • They would like to learn about these growths, and about what part of the village is expanding / developing and why?

  • Lastly, our investors are desirous of knowing about Governments projections in view of development of Corridors / SEZs / Software Parks / Industrial Cities / Smart Cities / SPVs etc.


With our help, investors can get solutions for the above-mentioned needs and problems. We provide them with frequent updates through emails and phone. Furthermore, they can contact us for queries related to developments anytime.


We recognize the needs of Agents, Mediators, Marketing Staff, Real Estate Consultants, and Venture Owners. Our website has the following to offer


For Agents, Mediators, Marketing Staff, and Real Estate Consultants

  • Free listing

  • Paid Features Listing

  • Individual Websites Management in their hand to list the properties

  • Individual Blog Maintenance to update the developments in their operating area

  • Lead Forwarding Facility

  • Photo Uploading Facility


For Builder & Developers and Venture Owners

  1. Venture Featured advertisement Listing

  2. Venture launching Bulk SMS Services

  3. Lead Forwarding Facility

  4. Individual Website Management / Display Existing Website

  5. Blog Maintenance for expressing or writing the articles

  6. Customer Referral Services

  7. Bulk Email  Services

  8. Photo Uploading Facility

  9. E-Marketing Facility

Andhra Realty is the No.1 property portal for Real Estate in Andhra Pradesh. It’s a gateway to the Andhra Pradesh State's property bazaar, and an information 'exchange' for buying, renting and selling of all types of residential and commercial properties anywhere in the State. The website enables easy access to a huge property bank for netizens and allows for direct connect with brokers/builders in cities in urban and remote parts of Andhra Pradesh.